D. I. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Master school «Biomaterials»
Research and Teaching Center

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Special lection curses for magistrants of Research
and teaching center «Biomaterials»

• Application of Polymer Biomedical appointment (60 hours) - Professor Shtilman M.I.

• Macromolecular Chemistry (36 hours) - Professor Korshak Y.V.

• Physics and study the properties of polymers (24 hours) - Professor, Korshak Y.V.

• Technology of Polymerа for Medico-biological use (60 hours) – Associate Prof. Brudz S.P.

• Anatomical and physiological basis of the interaction of biomaterials with the body (24 hours) - Professor, Chudnih S.M., Associate Professor Artyukhov A.A.

• Fundamentals of Chemical Toxicology (24 hours) - Associate Professor Kuskov A.N.

• Processing of products from polymers for medico-biological use (24 hours) - Associate Professor Brudz S.P.

• The practice of applying standard GMP (24) - Associate Professor Beksaev S.G.

• Additional chapters of organic, bioorganic chemistry and biochemistry (96 hours) - Assistant Professor Mezhuyev Ya.O.

Rambler's Top100